5 strategic questions for your whistleblowing channel

How to make sure your whistleblowing system unlocks its full potential?

Here are 5 strategic questions to build solid foundations for a smart and efficient system.


1. Internal channel: in-house or outsourced?

First, you should know that your channel can be: entirely in-house, fully outsourced, or a combination of both

Curious to know which option is the best for your company, stay tuned for the next article.



2. Are you a corporate group with several subsidiaries?

Think of how will you organize the whistleblowing channels in a group where several subsidiaries should have their own channel.

How to allocate resources?



3. General WB channel and specific channels?

A general whistleblowing channel can exist on top of other specific channels for anticorruption or harassment for example.

Think of how you will articulate them.

Be careful, the whistleblower may not have the same protection depending on the topic!



4. Cross-border whistleblowing?

Which law applies if the company is active in different countries or the alert relates to infringements in several countries?

Be careful, once again, the whistleblower’s protection or obligations can differ from one country to another.



5. Tech platform or not?

There are pros and cons to having a tech platform. A tech platform as a whistleblowing channel does not mean the channel is automatically outsourced.

What really matters is… Who is at the other end of the line?

Ensure that alerts are handled by experts meeting the “ICC” conditions: impartialité, competence, and confidentiality.

This is the reason why many companies outsource WB monitoring and investigations to independent experts.



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