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GOVERN&LAW engages its clients on a journey to maximize Value with Values, thanks to a smart approach to Ethics & Compliance.  We pioneer integrity by design serving the development of innovation and digital transformation first time right with ethics embedded by design. 

Our multidisciplinary Team includes attorneys, digital designers, compliance officers, tech developers and former corporate executives. We are committed and ideally placed to co-create tailored and effective compliance & ethics program with a positive impact on behaviors & culture.  

GOVERN&LAW Team advises and encourages its clients to measure what matters with relevant metrics and incentives to secure sound and sustainable ethics programs. 

GOVERN&LAW provides whistleblowing & investigation as a service to organisations that appreciate the benefits of a speak-up culture and early detection of integrity threats.  

GOVERN&LAW also offers self-service tools and expertise, including the Smart Compliance Goals and the Integrity Toolbox to help every organization master and transform integrity goals into reality.

Better Law

At GOVERN&LAW, we assist our clients in factoring legal intelligence in the development of their activities and interactions.  GOVERN&LAW collaborates with the OECD, G20 and EU, to stay on top of public policy initiatives.

Our attorneys and eco-system of partners are renowned for their professionalism, efficiency and discretion in handling anti-corruption matters. We further advise on competition as an asset for growth, innovation and fair competitiveness.  

We offer to break silos and build synergy by articulating data protection & privacy with other major fields, e.g. trade secrets, intellectual property, tech regulation.   

Our Team is recognized for its grasp on innovation, A.I. & tech regulation. 

In the field of human rights and EU law, you can trust the GOVERN&LAW Team to provide expertise and advocacy in key areas subject to growing enforcement and initiatives: human rights in the supply chain; digital human rights in technology; free movement of goods, data and services; new controls over strategic investments.

We also believe and invest in LegalTech to serve our clients best. 

Competition / antitrust
Data protection & privacy
Human rights / EU law
Innovation, A.I. & tech regulation
Corporate governance
Innovation & data governance
Risk management
ESG – Impact with purpose
Diversity & inclusion

Good Governance

Good governance is not a science, it is an art. Still, techniques, best practices and cross-field acumen are helpful to grow and achieve better results.  

GOVERN&LAW assists clients – government, companies and non-profit alike – to best function towards achieving their Purpose. 

Inspired by the SDGs of the United Nations, the OECD best practices, the Davos Manifesto and common ESG metrics, our multidisciplinary partners offer extensive, pragmatic and modern experience gained in various public and private sectors (telecom, IT, FMCG, finance, transport, health, pharma…) and geographies (Europe, USA, LatAm, Middle East). Our Good Governance practice is dedicated to corporate governance, innovation & data governance, risk management and ESG – Profit with purpose. Our methodology, services and products allow for a systematic approach to align Value with Values in the DNA and effective decision making of organizations.

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