Good Governance

Corporate governance

Put the people with the highest IQ in a room and you may have a terrible decision body. At GOVERN&LAW, we build on our extensive experience of decision dynamics and company structures, to offer our clients modern and pragmatic guidance to their boards, committees and organization.  

We advise startups, SMEs, multinational corporations and State-owned enterprises (SOEs) alike, starting from their own culture and ambitions. We assist them in breaking silos, fostering an open communication culture, efficient reporting lines and well-informed decision-making. We strive, with clients, for the right focus on strategy, results, sustainability and reputation.

GOVERN&LAW experts are regularly called to act as independent board members and experts in the public and private sectors. We support diversity, innovation and integrity for better governance.

Our services

1.   Optimizing decision bodies’ composition, organization and effectiveness
2.   Streamlining the triangle roles and responsibilities: Shareholders, Board, Management
3.   Identifying governance and strategy priorities 
4.   Drafting corporate governance codes and guidelines for governments and regulators
5.   Crafting shareholders agreements, governance charters, delegation of powers for companies
6.   Accompanying SOEs and investors through privatization and liberalization
7.   Coaching executives on Responsibility, Accountability & Liability
8.   R&D and policy advice on good and new governance models in the public and private sectors
9.   Aligning governance with purpose, ESG and stakeholder impact 
10.   General Secretary and Independent Board Member as a service 

Recent matters

GOVERN&LAW advises the Chairman of a large Belgian non-profit organization to streamline its Board and Executive Committee’s roles and responsibilities, to improve accountability and effectiveness.
GOVERN&LAW trains and advises the board of a large SOE in Africa going through privatization, on good governance practices (OECD, ESG).
GOVERN&LAW partner is appointed secretary general of “Board Coaching to Excellence”, a directors’ network fostering collective intelligence to improve corporate governance in SMEs.
GOVERN&LAW founder teaches governance and business ethics at La Sorbonne.
GOVERN&LAW partner is appointed independent board member of an Oxford Society.

& data governance

Innovation and data have become holy grails. They impact any organization’s competitiveness and agility. While innovation governance models vary, their success follows one key question: how to govern innovation to capture its value?

At GOVERN&LAW, we accompany organizations willing to challenge the status quo, to stimulate meaningful value-driven innovation. We work on 5 core dimensions of innovation success: purpose, culture, people, process and impact. 

Our Team supports leaders in drawing their innovation mission and goals and to set priorities. We assess the innovation culture and climate, from the C-suite and board to the operation teams, while fostering open and creative mindsets across functions. Clients benefit from our approach to breaking silos and improving ideation processes. 

GOVERN&LAW champions integrity by design to ensure safe and responsible innovation. What matters to clients is the impact of innovation, and to get comfort on risks, weak and strong signals. Our special expertise in data further empowers clients to know relevant data categories, to unlock their value and to balance creativity and discipline. Experience shows: intended innovation starts with good governance. 

Our services

1.   Organising sessions and assessments to articulate innovation goals and priorities
2.   Co-creating structural innovation processes, decision trees and checklists
3.   Defining roles, responsibilities and decision powers
4.   Aligning and orchestrating innovation activities, processes and incentives
5.   Facilitating culture and mindset transformation programs, to address ideation barriers
6.   Auditing and monitoring risks from in-house and from competitors’ innovation
7.   Training and advising on Integrity by Design and innovation ethics & sustainability
8.   Providing comfort and warning on accountability vs. liability for innovation decisions and impacts
9.   Smart data mapping to counsel on legal implications and value creation opportunities
10.   Review, measure and report on the effectiveness of innovation activities and governance models 

Recent matters

GOVERN&LAW collaborates with the Chief Innovation Officer of a multi-billion tech group to re-think the governance of innovation across countries and disciplines.
GOVERN&LAW advises digital and blockchain start-ups on mastering their data and IP rights to build the most profitable and virtuous business model.
GOVERN&LAW partner accelerates innovation in an incumbent telecom company by empowering employees to spend 10% of their time on new ideas, generating new business, employee and customer satisfaction.
The OECD and the G20 choose GOVERN&LAW as expert on innovation governance.
GOVERN&LAW supports a culture transformation program, working on mindset and leadership, in a European group to move from a legacy infrastructure to a digital service company.

Risk Management

Business is all about taking risks to grow, to satisfy stakeholders and maximize return. Public administrations also face risks in their operations. Still, the objective is and remains to take risks with eyes wide open.

To meet this objective, at GOVERN&LAW, we bring experience in legal, audit, crisis and risk management to help our clients get smarter about risks and act responsibly. We map relevant risks in various dimensions, we assist decision bodies in calibrating their risk appetite and suited controls – preventing, mitigating and detecting risks. 

Our Team constructively challenges clients to address inconsistencies between values, risks, resources, constraints and freedom. Employees may be empowered to act in the best interest of the organization and the general interest. 

Our Team’s experience in corporations and governments across continents enable us to facilitate holistic risk management. We are equally performant at specialty risk assessment (corruption, discrimination, antitrust, data, conflicts of interests, environment,…) as mandated by specific laws.

GOVERN&LAW is also special advisor to regulators, government authorities and enforcers on risk-based approaches to investigations, compliance, litigation and remedies.

Our services

1.   Organizing a risk and trends watch 
2.   Mapping risks and stakeholders, holistically or by specialty
3.   Co-creating a visual map of risk-related controls, processes, activities and governance streams
4.   Helping define and adapt risk appetite and strategy
5.   Transforming risks mitigation constraints into value-creation opportunities
6.   Calibrating behavioural, organizational and technological risk taking
7.   Training on the risk management, prevention, detection and remediation
8.   Due diligence on third-party risks, new projects and investments
9.   Monitoring stakeholder impact and exposure
10.   Advising leaders and policy makers on risk-based approaches to compliance & ethics

Recent matters

Our Team assists a multinational retail company shifting suppliers in a few weeks by drawing read-go due diligence on priority risks per geography.
GOVERN&LAW experts co-created with 50 senior leaders a visual company process tool to monitor risks & controls, to develop a risk management culture within the company and raise confidence with the audit committee.
GOVERN&LAW advisors successfully screened the value chain of telecom operators and service providers to automate a compensation process for end-customers in case of third party abuse.
Our Team assists start-ups with the development of new business models maximizing opportunities while minimizing risks.
GOVERN&LAW maps corruption and antitrust risks for a tech company expanding in the EU and the US.

ESG - Impact with purpose

Environment, Social and Governance / ESG are the three pillars of sustainability and performance. They aim to reconcile profit with purpose, people and the planet. Markets cannot function without society and environment factors. 

Organisations are expected to widen their focus from shareholders to stakeholders – e.g. customers, employees, investors, impacted communities, regulators. Profit with Purpose and long-term value creation are moving to the core. Investors look for ways to link financial returns to environmental and societal benefits. CEOs engage into Global Compact and SDG commitments.

GOVERN&LAW offers international expertise, advice and a methodology, in continuous progress, allowing for a systematic approach to embedding ESG in all business and policy dimensions. 

We assist clients – boards, managers, investors, entrepreneurs – in (re)defining their just cause, vision and mission, to align and their strategy and cthrough the ecosystem.  Suited governance secures ESG is a constant agenda item and decision criterion.  

Our Team monitors ESG and SDG metrics and incentives for clients – companies and governments. We help organisations assess their talents, value chain and activities consistently. Experience shows ESG goals can be achieved and measured. 

Our services

1.   Organising benchmark exercises on ESG trends 
2.   Facilitating the definition of company purpose and alignment with strategy
3.   Elaboration of an ESG governance linking environmental and societal benefits to financial returns
4.   Trainings and toolbox to cascade company purpose and foster ESG culture 
5.   Introduction of new metrics to measure what matters (in budget, in performance management, …)
6.   Deploy a culture of accountability combined with open, honest and constructive communication 
7.   Developing  coaching and feedback competences and tools for all 
8.   Training management teams on ethical dilemmas 
9.   Integration of human rights into both the value and the supply chains

Recent matters

GOVERN&LAW partner was appointed to develop a program to increase gender diversity representation in senior management team.
A large listed company, appointed a GOVERN&LAW partner, who is accredited culture transformation facilitator, to embark 2500 teamleades in a major culture transformation program, defining measurement and adjustments.
GOVERN&LAW partner audited procurement and outsourcing processes of a major company and, among recommendations, advised to join an alliance of customers to safeguard, and incentivize respect, of human rights in value chain.
HEC selects GOVERN&LAW founder as a pioneer in shifting mindsets about law and ethics.

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